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Study In France

France is one of the perfect place to study abroad due to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture, and growing student life, with nearly 300,000 foreign students. Reasons to study in France includes low tuition fees, quality higher education adapted to students’ needs, strong research in modern facilities, offers a wide range of study subjects and outstanding teachers. The degree is recognized worldwide. France is an appealing destination for students worldwide as it offers a great multicultural study experience, bringing together cultures from all over the world.


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Explore Top Colleges and Universities in France

It offers excellent education in art, innovation, science and technology and much more. It gives you a different experience and interaction with people from different cultures. France is home to 31 of the world’s 500 largest corporations such as Airbus, Orange, and L’Oreal etc. hence, it creates a favorable environment for innovations and to young entrepreneurs.

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École Normale Supérieure
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Pantheon Sorbonne University
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University of Paris
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Answers to Your Questions

Why Study In France?

Studying in France is a unique experience. The degrees are accepted throughout the world. Tuition fees is much cheaper as compared to other places, hence it is affordable to study in France. They are set by the government. France is a world-class economic power. Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors. Outstanding research and development opportunities.

What are the Career Options in France?

France institutions are well known by the people in the fields of – Business, Economics, Science, Art etc. When you study in France, you can find schools, universities, and institutions that are specifically devoted to the subject you’re most interested in.

What are opportunities in France?

France is of the biggest economies in the world. Opportunities for working in France are either on a short-term basis or permanently depending on the state of the labor market and nationality of the job seeker. Seeking employment is much more feasible than self-employment. The major industries in France are aerospace, motor industry, pharmaceutical, industrial machinery, metallurgy, electronics, textiles, food and drink, and tourism. Also, the chances of employment increases if you speak French.

What is the Study Culture of France?

Students in France universities have an opportunity to enjoy the amazing French culture in their daily student life. While studying, they can look forward to a wonderfully interactive environment that brings students together from across the globe. It certainly provides a new experience with an abundance of fun and adventure. Also, universities of France is known for its quality education and strong research.

What is the Living culture and expenditure in France?

Unlike tuition rates, costs of living in France tend to be higher than neighboring countries. Luckily, students are often eligible to subsidized rates at restaurants and transportation. Costs of living are lower in smaller towns, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding on where to study. Other living costs may include- electricity, grocery, travel, internet, study material etc.

How friendly is the environment in France to Indian Students?

France believes in diversity in culture and does not follow any one culture. Initially you might feel surreal as France is very different from India. But people in France are friendly, caring and make you feel comfortable. They help you to live in a healthy environment.